Why Choose A Silver Belly Bar?

Silver belly bars are a great way to add some final touches to your appearance. They’re a fantastic way to decorate an area that is often forgotten about and our silver bars are the best way to do this!

Our Range Of Belly Bars

In our selection, you will see that we stock a full range of belly bars. This involves various different designs and styles, including spinal bars, dangling and non-dangling belly bars. So, in other words, we have everything you could possibly want.

Furthermore, our products range from subtle items to intricate, large statement pieces. Whatever your style, we have the pieces to suit your tastes. Belly bars are, of course, interchangeable, so why not get a few different options? This way, you always have the right piece for every occasion.

Discover Your New Silver Belly Bars

When it comes to jewellery, it’s all about having a personal item that speaks to you, adding that vital personal touch. For many people, few pieces do this more than their belly bars.

We specialise in offering unique silver belly bar designs, helping you to find something that completes your look and adds to your aesthetic. So, where to begin?

What as a Belly Bar/Ring?

Belly bars are pieces of jewellery designed to be used in the naval area of the stomach – or belly button, in other words. Typically, a piercing is made just above the belly button, so that the bar itself sits in the middle, with the higher end above the piercing and the lower end directly in front of the naval itself.

Like all piercings, sizes will vary. Typically, belly button piercings range from 6 to 14 millimetres. Consequently, like earrings and other jeweller’s items, belly bars are made in sizes to match.

Our silver belly bars, naturally, are made of silver. This is a material that is very much appreciated in the creation of fine jewellery. It is not known to irritate the skin, as opposed to the likes of nickel, provides a sophisticated elegance and, more importantly, is strong enough to be crafted into a custom shapes.


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Why Choose Silver Belly Bars?

High Quality

All our Belly Bars are made using high-quality materials.

Fast Delivery

We offer a Fast Delivery Service from Small to Large Wholesale Orders!

Best Priced

All our Belly Bars are affordably priced without compromising on quality

Choice of Belly Bars

We have a large variety of Silver Belly Bars to Choose from!

Choose Your Styles

Our Belly Bars range from Spinal, Dangling to Non-dangling!

Fashion Trend

Our innovative team are continuously designing belly rings for every occasion!

Perfect Guide to Silver Belly Bars

Types Of Belly Bar

Like any piece of jewellery, there’s more than one type of belly bar to choose from. Selecting the right piece for you is simply a matter of personal taste and preference. So, what different varieties are available?

The most simplest are spinal belly bars. These feature a coherent design, separated by the spine (the “bar). When fitted, this ensures a complete and consistent design on either site, creating a whole and fulfilling aesthetic.

There are also dangling bell bars. As the name suggests, these feature dangling elements for extra glamour and visual impact. These can vary in size, depending on the design, so you can find something suitable for you. Here, due to the dangling nature, the focus is very much on the lower half, below the spine.

Finally, there are also non-dangling designs available. In appearance, these appear similar to dangling varieties, in that they feature a specific design focused around one end, rather than the split, more balanced preference of spinal bars.

Choosing The Right Bar For You

So, where to start? If you are already familiar with belly bars, then you likely already know what designs and styles you enjoy. If you browse our range, you will surely find a new piece to add to your favourites.

For people still new to the world of belly bars, it’s important to choose something that personally speaks to your preferences. Silver bars are a great choice, as they can make a strong visual impact without being garish, unlike strong gold or steel chrome pieces.

Furthermore, don’t forget that you are not restricted to just one bar. Many people choose to own numerous bars, changing them out to match their outfits and other pieces of jewellery. With a little creativity, you can ensure your style remains consistent and on form – your belly bar is no exception to this!

Silver as a Material!

Silver has long been used as a crafting material in fine jewellery and it is easy to see why. First of all, from a practical point of view, silver doesn’t irritate the skin. Other metals, such as nickel, can be a problem for many people. However, if you’ve ever worn silver rings, necklaces or earrings, for example, than you know how safe the material is.

Furthermore, silver is a very strong and durable option, lending itself well to intricate pieces. This allows our final designs to be complex and details, as we know the material won’t result in any compromises. The final design will be beautiful, intricate and strong.

Finally, many people appreciate the colour and appearance of silver. It is smooth and reflective, but not overtly bright like chrome or steel. This makes for pieces that don’t overstate themselves, allowing other details to standout, while still providing an elegant touch.

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