Body Piercing Aftercare Guide

Body piercing has been a part of every culture in the world and just like a body tattoo it also display meanings for every area of the body that’s been pierced. Now a days, the trend of body piercing became popular among men and women either young or old. It makes you fashionable and it gives an impression that you look cool compared to other people. Regardless of your reasons as to why you need to have body piercings, what matters most is how you’re going to take care of it in the remaining days of your life.

Different body piercing

Earlobe piercings are a common body pierce that most people have. However, piercing at the different parts of the body such as the navel area, tragus, tongue, nostrils, septum, brow bone and more are no longer valued as part of a culture or tradition but it became a popular mainstream. Needless to say, it is important that whatever body pierce that you have in the body make sure that you are providing ample time to do an aftercare.

Healing takes time

Mind you, no matter how small it is, any skin break is considered a risk of infection. If there is no skin care you are actually prone to complications of infection. Depending on the area that you had your piercings, each of which heals in different timing. For example, earlobes and septum heals about six to eight weeks while the navel and tragus area will take few months before you can feel comfortable again. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to implement care to everybody pierce that you have. The healing process is crucial, twisting the pierce will aggravate and causes the skin to break again. As much as possible make do not disrupt the healing time and let the body work for itself. Perhaps, asking your body piercer the appropriate way of a body pierce aftercare is necessary.

Guidelines in caring for a body pierce

Typically, washing it with soap and water is all you need to cleanse a body pierced area. Consider your skin wounded; having to use specific cleansing products helps alleviate any forms of infection. This means, if you’re investing for a body pierce, you should also purchase a good anti-bacterial soap and products that wouldn’t cause accumulation of bacteria. Another factor that you should remember is do not over clean it. If the skin is too dry this can also cause patchy, flaking and itchiness which doesn’t promote healing. The best way is to have a cleaning schedule. The purpose is to mainly remove dirt, keeping it clean and normally dry at all times because moisture inhibits bacterial growth.

Making it as a habit

Always wash your hands before and after cleansing. As what most body piercers would suggest to never touch a freshly pierced area because your hands contains presence of germs that you don’t want any of it to lodge into the skin. Knowing that you have piercings in your body, this indicates that you are responsible in keeping yourself clean. There are appropriate ways of cleansing body piercings as long as you are doing it the right way. You can as well include it in your daily morning and night time routine if the piercing doesn’t irritate.

Should there be any complications in the healing process make sure to consult a health professional to avoid further risk and immediate care is provided.

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