Different Types of Belly Buttons Piercings

Belly button piercings are considered a fashion statement while in some cultures it has something to do with a spiritual journey. Hinduism or other types of medicinal alternative believes that a belly button piercing improves an individual’s life energy or it is said to be an alignment to the solar plexus. What does this means? This mainly involves the control of emotions such as having willpower, self-confidence and controls even the major organs in the body like the kidney and pancreas. In this pattern of belief, having a belly button piercing is considered a “gatekeeper” in the spiritual and energy realm. This provides a positive vibe to the body while protecting it from any means of negative aura.

The uniqueness of a belly button piercing creates a big impact that it became popular because of celebrities that continues the trend. It is indeed influential because there are many people who chooses to have their belly button pierced. It is interesting to know that there are variety of piercings for the belly button.

What happens in a belly button piercing?

Basically, the skin around the navel area is actually the part where it is pierced. Therefore, it matters as to how deep the piercing can go. To know further about belly button piercings, here are the following different types that you can consider as an option and a kind of wearable belly button ring.


  1. Upper body-vertical body piercing- This is the most common type of piercing for the navel and are usually the choice for every individual that wants to have a belly button piercing. The piercing goes into the upper rim portion or ridge of the belly button and then it passes through the interior part of the navel. What you get as a pierce has something to do with a curvature ring or bar.


  1. Inverse-vertical belly button piercing- The opposite of an upper body vertical piercing. It piercing goes into the lower portion of the belly button and then passes through the interior portion of the navel. Often, there some who prefers to have both of types of belly button piercings (you can have it as well but it is optional).


  1. Protruding navel body piercing- This type of belly button piercing wherein the umbilical area protrudes or has surrounding scar tissues. The piercing goes through the navel area. If you have this option, you can go for curved bar or ring with accents of jewelry to cover up the remaining scar or a protruding navel.


  1. Belly button piercing in horizontal- The piercing is more likely at the surface of the navel. It is found just under the rim of the navel and a long barbell ring is a great option for this type.


  1. The multiple navel piercing- This happens when the rim is pierced many times. This can be a combination of the other types of belly button piercings mentioned above.


Keep in mind, that belly button piercings would take at least a year to heal before you consider another piercing. This is performed by a skilled professional and not just by anyone else. If there is prolong healing, consult a doctor.

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