Wholesale Belly Bars

Wholesale Belly Bars

Everyone loves jewellery, so buying wholesale pieces is one way to meet demand. With our silver belly bars, you can order wholesale volumes from our entire collection.

Individually, belly bars do not cost much but, with our wholesale options, you can save more when you buy in bulk. This is great for businesses that want to sell their own supplies, or those that simply need to stock a wide volume of jewellery pieces.

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Our Silver Belly Bars

So, why choose our wholesale silver belly bars? The answer is simple: belly bars are always a popular option and, when it comes to jewellery, it’s hard to beat the irresistible quality of silver.

Silver has been used in jewellery making for centuries and many people consider the material a staple metal choice. It’s not harmful to the skin and it has a clean, clear appearance without the overglaze of chrome, steel or nickel.

Furthermore, it’s a strong material that allows us to create complex, intricate designs without compromising the integrity and strength of the final pieces.

Our Wholesale Range

Our store has a wide range of silver belly bars, spread across a range of styles and designs. This includes plain bars and those with more intricate elements and details.

We also stock various different design types. This includes spinal belly bars, featuring detailed designs either side of the bar, as well as more traditional bars in dangle and non-dangle varieties.

With our wholesale options, you’re free to choose the bars that you want. A combination of these designs can keep many people happy, ensuring you always have the right bars at the ready.

Belly Bars & Jewellery

Belly bars are excellent jewellery pieces, as they can be as subtle or as statement-making as you like. This also means they work well on their own, or combined with other jewellery.

Because we supply silver bars, it goes without saying that our bars work well with other silver items. Of course, the neutral colour of silver also means that they work with various other pieces as a whole, able to blend in when required. Wholesale belly bars are a great and effective way for jewellery sellers to compliment their existing range.

On the other hand, we have various designs with insets and charms, which are able to stand out on their own, too.

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